Multi-chain launchpads are gaining more and more popularity among crypto entrepreneurs and investors, and all because they open up the possibility of conducting simultaneous token sales for coins created in different networks. While Ethereum and BSC remain the most popular networks, SeedLaunch, the new multi-chain launchpad created by Binance Hackathon winners, has decided to add the TON network as well. This decision was supported not only by the partners, but also by the project investors. How the fundraising platform will work and what unique features it will provide to its customers, we will consider below.

The resurgence of crypto investing

In 2021, crypto startups attracted a record amount of investments in the amount of $25.2 billion. This is more than in the last 7 years as a whole.

And already in the first quarter of 2022, crypto startups managed to raise $9.2 billion, which is an all-time high, which exceeded the previous record (Q4 2021) by about $400 million. Since the beginning of the year, 461 deals have been made with cryptocurrency startups, which is 60 deals more than in the fourth quarter of 2021!

Investments in crypto startups are divided as follows:

Investments in startups in billions of dollars in the first quarter of 2022 | Source: CBInsights

In other words, investments in crypto startups are divided systematically, and no matter what industry you work in, there is definitely money there. They just need to be received.

Most startups try to attract investments directly from investment funds or banks, but this is quite problematic given the competition in the market. An alternative, but no less effective, is crowdfunding and crowdinvesting. It is these forms of investment that offer modern launchpads.

Despite the fact that the crowdfunding market is developing rapidly, most popular launchpads still support up to 5 blockchains, which limits the possibilities for fundraising, both for investors and startups. A possible solution could be SeedLaunch, which has not only implemented a record number of networks, but also offers support for international brokers.

About SeedLaunch

SeedLaunch is the first multi-chain launchpad with support for international brokers, part of an ecosystem that includes a crowdfunding platform, a range of services for investors and startups, its own NFT marketplace and a collection of NFT tokens, as well as an SLT token. In addition, SeedLaunch is the first and so far the only launchpad with support for international brokers.

What exactly is the nature of this partnership? Together with a team of brokerage companies, unique investment services will be implemented, such as a token futures platform, a rating of professional crypto managers who will help build a competent portfolio of traditional tokens and new projects emerging on IDO, as well as integration with other broker services.

In addition to working together to create services, the top management of brokerage companies acts as project advisors and will help establish the international development of SeedLaunch.

“Supporting professional licensed brokers will take crowdfunding to the next level and create new investment solutions for their clients, which will increase the flow of investments in startups. Our broker partners will be able to provide early access for their investors to coin and NFT token sales,” explains Andrey Pertsev, co-founder of Seedlaunch.

Already today, ICE Markets, which is officially registered in Malaysia (Labuan) and operates in accordance with international law, acts as a partner-broker. This will create reliable collaborative services.

SeedLaunch plans to increase the number of broker partners in order to provide access to all registered investors to participate in token and NFT token sales.

SeedLaunch will provide a range of services for startups and investors. Here are just a few of them.

SeedLaunch Foundation. Part of all site revenues are directed to a specially created investment fund, from which promising projects will be financed. The money can be directed to the incubation of the project or to other services necessary for the development of a startup and its entry into the market.

Futures platform. Here, the resale of rights to tokens of İDO projects will be carried out. This means that token holders can assign their right to assets to other users or companies.

NFT marketplace. A platform for selling both the project’s own NFT tokens and non-fungible tokens of other projects. The same platform can be used to organize airdrops.

Services for community development. SeedLaunch will offer several startup tools to help grow the community, including airdrop platforms, giveaways, and more.

Services for finding a team. A specialized platform where professionals can leave information about themselves, and startups and blockchain companies can find the right staff or performer for a specific task. Here you can find performers for any type of work: from the development of a smart contract to a marketing specialist and a community manager.

According to the project team, SeedLaunch aims not only to attract funding to startups, but also to help at all stages of the company’s development.

SeedLaunch will support TON

To date, the SeedLaunch launchpad integrates blockchains such as BSC, Ethereum, Polygon, Cardano, Solana, and in the near future will pay special attention to the TON blockchain. This will expand the reach of startups that can use the services of the platform, as well as launch new crowdfunding opportunities for projects with the help of TON.

“Our team is confident that TON has great prospects. The TON blockchain unites more than 1 million users from all over the world, and the project community already exceeds 2.5 million people,” said Petr Brekhov.

NFT and STL token

The SeedLaunch ecosystem includes several types of tokens. The native launchpad token is the SLT launched on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. Having a token gives holders the following benefits:

Early access to the purchase of NFTs and tokens of projects that conduct IDO, as well as increased allocation;
Participation in SLT token staking will allow you to receive not only bonuses in SLT tokens, but also increase the rarity of NFT Seedlaunch, which will increase their value.
The constant burning of tokens during transactions will create a deficit of the asset, and therefore have a positive effect on the growth of the price of the token.
The SLT token will be implemented in all Seedlaunch services and added by partners to expand the ecosystem.
DAO principles will allow token holders to vote for the listing of other projects on the site.

Everyone will be able to purchase tokens during the public token sale. At the moment, only private and institutional investors can become token holders.

“We are open to our users and promptly report on all company news. At the moment, we are negotiating with several launchpads, where we will hold a token sale. Now I can say one thing – we will sell SLT tokens on ZamPad, as well as on launchpads at centralized exchanges. Stay tuned for our news,” said Petr Brekhov, CEO of the project.

The SeedLaunch ecosystem will also include an NFT marketplace and a unique NFT SplitFire collection featuring racing cars. The collection was created by renowned artist Alexei Rico (resident of Bang! Bang! Studio) who has worked with Epic Games, PlayStation, Esquire, Reebok and other major international companies.

NFTs are created on the basis of the TON blockchain, which has become widespread among users. The Seedlaunch collection will be available for purchase to all Telegram users.

“According to the roadmap of our project, we plan to expand support for blockchain networks (BSC, Ethereum) using cross-chain technologies. This will increase the popularity of the NFT collection, as well as provide an opportunity to store NFTs in a user-friendly network,” said Petr Brekhov.

The tokens will differ in the level of pumping and epicness, as well as provide their holders with a different set of services: from staking to early access to the purchase of startup tokens.


SeedLaunch has every chance to become a leader in the launchpad market, as it has strong support from partners and brokers, and also offers unique services for the development of promising startups. The company will soon hold its own NFT and SLT token sale. You can follow SeedLaunch news on the website.