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The long-awaited Ethereum merge (software update) will most likely occur in September this year, this will be the largest fundamental shift in the history of crypto.

The network has suffered an immense increase in traffic and uncontrolled spikes in gas fees (transaction fees). The merge will ultimately alleviate these bottlenecks, making the network even more secure and less energy-intensive by switching from the Proof-of-Work to the Proof-of-Stake framework.

Ethereum has predominantly been the most popular network for new blockchain entrants, as well as NFT users.
As Seedify eagerly waits to see one of the biggest moves forward in the crypto industry so far, it is also prepared to integrate with the upgraded Ethereum network by opening a parity pool between its native token, $SFUND and Ethereum ($SFUND/ETH).

The integration will enable Seedify to expand its community, reach new audiences and enable easy adoption for new holders, stakers, and farmers to their ecosystem.

With the multichain support provided, anyone using the Ethereum network will be able to adopt Seedify utilities much faster, thus adding an extra layer of growth to boost their utilities and $SFUND.

In an effort to extend the reach of Seedify’s ecosystem, they will also be adding $SFUND/ETH farms very soon, to ensure the liquidity of $SFUND on Ethereum provides a healthy trading economy.

Seedify will also be holding surprise events to boost the exposure of $SFUND to Ethereum native users in order to increase the visibility of $SFUND on the Ethereum network.

Users who want to enjoy the new implemented transfer can simply follow the below easy-to-use tool to seamlessly transfer $SFUNDs between BSC (Binance Smart Chain) and Ethereum without any issues:

#1: Go to https://multichain.xyz/
#2: Click on “Enter App” (or alternatively go directly to: https://app.multichain.org/#/router)
#3: Connect your wallet (ensure you are on the BSC Smartchain)
#4: In the dashboard provided make sure to select the following networks: BNB Chain Mainnet on top, and Ethereum Mainnet at the bottom
#5: Select $SFUND by searching the token name on both box fields for tokens
#6: Enter the amount of $SFUND you want to transfer
#7: Click “Swap” at the bottom
#8: Click “Confirm”
#9: $SFUNDs will be transferred to the Ethereum network within minutes

Holders can also transfer $SFUNDs from the Ethereum network, the process is similar except the first field needs to be changed.

There is no commission deduction when transferring $SFUNDs bought from the Ethereum network to the BSC Smartchain.

Cross-chain transactions are very simple and accrue only a small fee to complete the transfer.
Seedify’s contract addresses are as follows:

BSC network: 0x477bc8d23c634c154061869478bce96be6045d12
Ethereum network: 0x461d52769884ca6235b685ef2040f47d30c94eb5

About Seedify

Seedify is a Blockchain Gaming, NFT and Metaverse incubator and launchpad, empowering innovators and project developers with access to funding, community building, marketing and a high calibre partnership network, with a full support system to help bring premier games, NFTs and Metaverse projects to our community.

For more information on Seedify and to purchase $SFUND please refer to their Website

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