Blockchain technology has disrupted many industries and is now disrupting the global animation industry, valued at $372 billion in 2021.

In the past, many believed that blockchain was only helpful in finance, but that has changed over the years. The technology offers a decentralized and open platform where users can pool resources together to achieve a common goal. In the case of animation, it gives back freedom to independent creators.

Many creative animators struggle because they lack sufficient resources to make an impact. And that is why Mittaria has built a virtual world where creators can connect and bring their imagination to life.

What is Mittaria

Mittaria is a blockchain-based entertainment hub where creative talents can collaborate and share their creativity with the world. The platform functions as a Web 3 socialFi metaverse for all animation enthusiasts across the globe.

The project adopts a metaverse storyline to offer animators opportunities in the virtual world.

Mitria is a being born the moment the cosmos was formed. She controls the happiness of all beings in the universe. The smiles, hugs, and laughter of every living thing are evidence of her physical, palpable presence.

But Mitria understands that her power would be pointless if no one were alive to benefit from it. So, she created Mittaria, a planet of eternal joy where everyone can enjoy life and benefit from her gift.

There are four interconnecting continents in Mittaria, and each continent is home to creatures with higher concentrations of a specific happiness hormone. The continents are:

Dova: the land of dopamine and home to creatures who love challenging quests.

Oriel: the land of Oxytocin and home to creatures who enjoy friendship and companionship

Sirona: the land of Serotonin and home to creatures who enjoy creativity and magic.

Emin: the land of Endorphin and home to creatures who love folklore and adventures.

While creatures in each continent have a higher concentration of specific hormones, they still possess all four hormones. But the hormones must have balance in each being for a fulfilled life. Any hormone imbalance can turn the creatures into monsters, and when that happens, continents must work together to combat the monsters. However, the battle is not to destroy the monsters but to save them by restoring balance.

Mittaria NFT Collections

Mittaria will have the following NFT collections:

The Genesis

Mittaria has a non-fungible token (NFT) collection dubbed “the Genesis.” The collection consists of 2,222 hand-drawn generative arts living Mitria’s happiest life, which will be shared among the citizens of Mittaria.

The designs were created by leading animators and artists in Thailand, and the NFT collection is built on the Ethereum blockchain. The Genesis NFT will unlock several utilities for holders, some of which include:

Special Mittaria NFT airdrop
Access to whitelist for future projects
Exclusive rewards
Special merchandise airdrops
Early access to the Mittaria metaverse and events
Access VIP Discord channels for early bird information.
Access to real-life special events and more.

The Genesis will be Mittaria’s first NFT drop and will have more benefits than any future NFT drop.

Looking for Gods

Looking for Gods is Mittaria’s second NFT. The collection consists of 9,999 hand-drawn Chinese-style watercolor art that represents a community of talented people. Just like the Genesis, Looking for Gods is based on the Ethereum network and will give holders the following utilities:

Access to community events for level up.
NFTs transformation
Access to an exclusive discord channel
Intellectual Property (IP) under terms & conditions, and more.

The Mittaria Center

The Mittaria Center is an essential aspect of the Mittaria ecosystem. It is a virtual world that will consist of different sectors. Although the Center is still under development, users can expect to see the following:


In conclusion, Mittaria is a game-changing Web 3 SocialFi metaverse for independent animators to work together to create and share their stories with the world through the power of decentralization.

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